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Lorana's Favorite Color
Characters include: Fallen and Lorana(Patches) both about sixteen.

Fallen and Lorana had left Sen's castle some couple weeks ago and had recent entered some swamp lands far off in the NorthWest. It was still bright outside but hard to see due to the thick branches and such above. Lorana was bored and Fallen was looking around the surroundings, vastly amused, he had never been to a swamp land before. "Hey, Lolo. (His nickname for her at the time)" She looked to him, "Yah Fallen?" She gave a slight smile out of force.
He blushed a bit as he looked at her lips, they seemed appealing to him and he had the sudden urge to kiss her. Lorana blushed a bit herself and glanced to the side to avoid his eyes, "W-what?" She asked as she crossed her arms under her chest. Fallen looked in the other direction as she did and rubbed the back of his head, his ears twitch slightly. "Well…we have been going out for a couple of weeks now…and I was thinking about kissing…" He made a small smile to himself at the thought.
Lorana blushed a bit more and then looked to him and then walked up to him, slightly avoiding eye contact at first but then looking into his eyes, "So…you want to kiss then?" Fallen nodded a bit as he looked to her. "Y-yah." Lorana and Fallen started leaning inwards and both closed their eyes as their lips became centimeters away from each other. They finally planted the kiss and got lost in the moment. Fallen wrapped his arms around her and she wrapped hers around him.
The stopped and looked at each other, blushing massively, but smiled then. Fallen's smile quickly turned into an exited grin, he made her smile, and she never smiles for real. Lorana suddenly got a confused expression when she saw something move behind Fallen. "Hey, what was that?" The separated from each others arms and looked to where she saw whatever it is that she did see. Fallen blinked and looked down to see that Lorana had subconsciously grabbed his hand with her own. He was very happy with this.
He was snapped back into attention when she pointed with her other hand and shouted, "Look at that vine!" She ran up to it, dragging him along side her and knelt down in front of it. The vine was purple with small pink thorns. "Purple! My favorite color!" She smiled and poked it. To both of their surprise, the vine suddenly moved with her touch and wrapped around them with great speed, pushing them together, face to face. They both blushed as Lorana's breast brushed his chest.
Fallen would have been annoyed, but he blushed and looked to her face. "At least we're together, right?" She smiled a bit as the vine squeezed. The both gasped as Fallen suddenly started to shrink, he stopped when he was about the same height as Lorana, "What the hell!?" It wasn't over yet, Fallen gained a petite feminine form as his face shifted as well.
His waist thinned out dramatically and he closed his eyes and grits his teeth as an un-seen change was made and large breast grew from, now her, chest and pushed against Lorana's. The both blushed as Fallen's hair grew out and turned purple, matching Lorana's hair. Fallen's jacket suddenly turned into a short hoody that was only long enough to cover her chest. The sleeves were cut off and it turned a dark purple color. Her boxers faded into fishnet stockings as her jeans shortened up around her thighs and only became thick enough to cover her private area. Her shoes turned into tall thick heeled leather boots that cut off a little above her knees. Fallen was panting from the change, not knowing how to take in the feminine feelings.
Lorana blushed, confused to why her be-loved Fallen had just transformed into a sexy girl. Quickly, she felt something happening to herself. As her beautiful body took an even more appealing twist. She gasped as her cloak transformed into a short black tube top to only cover her chest. He jacket turned into long pink and black stripped gloves that had the fingers cut off and stopped a little above her elbow. Her shirt then transformed into a fishnet undershirt that covered her entire torso, still allowing her pierced bellybutton to be presented. (Fallen is thinking, "Damn…when did she get that?") Her skirt changed slightly by getting shorter as her shoes turned into high heeled boots that cut off at her thigh. The both looked at each other in utter confusion as the suddenly moaned from another burst of the thorns feminine venom.
A purple eye shadow formed over their eye-lids as a light layer colored their lips, they suddenly went into a daze as the vines released them and went back into the swamp. The looked at each other and smiled with a giggled and hugged.
Ha. The first romance scene between Fallen and Lorana. And Lorana is Patches, you can find her in my gallery. They are both the same age and grew up in Sen's castle, obviously gaining great feelings for each other. In the real story however, they wont date until near the end. Gotta keep people inclined to read the story yo! Enjoy the TG! These characters are both mine so you may NOT use without my concent.
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unit1138 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2010  Hobbyist
why would a plant have a feminine venom? don't get me wrong it was a good tg, but just dosn't seem very usefull for a plant. It wouldn't stop predators and it dosen't get it any food.
FallenWolfSpirit999 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2010
-Shrugs- I don't know. It's a forest of pure insanity, shit happens.
unit1138 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011  Hobbyist
best explanation ever
FallenWolfSpirit999 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2011
Why thank you xD
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